Requirements and Crew

We need room 10×10 and 16 ampers of electricity for the lighting. For late night shows it is recomended to have two different sources of electricitcy. The Globe’s diameter is 5 meters and in hight it is 5,4 meters including base and lighting. In total it weighs two and a half tons. We need four points for stabilizing and tightening the Globe. We have our own mechanism for lifting the globe and we can do it anywhere, we don’t need any special equipment for the job. It is possible for the Globe to be pushed or moved to the center of the stage, it has it’s own rails and wheels for that. All in all, we need two hours to put the Globe together and one hour to take it apart. The actual performance may include three or four riders plus a stunt girl for the opening. We already have 20 years behind our backs in this performance art. We have been giving performances all around Europe. We are a EU group, living in the Netherlands. We have our own means of transportation and trailers, and all our performers have health insurences.